What’s the difference between a metric and KPI?

Quelle est la différence entre KPI et métriques ?

As you know, the key to success in email marketing is tracking and measuring the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) regularly. But before starting the analysis of your performance with the metrics you should know clearly what is the difference between metrics and KPIs.

Anyone hesitates that they are a really useful and essential tool in business as they help to reach your target audience and know how your email campaign is working.

What is a Metric

A metric is a quantifiable measure that tracks a process or activity and measures its success or failure. Therefore, anything that is measurable can use it as a metric.

You can measure all the metrics that you desire but in reality, maybe, it would be too much data. Because of that the companies choose the Key Performance Indicators to measure and from then collect the accurate data to make decisions. 

What are the KPIs

KPIs are quantifiable values that indicate how effective you are in achieving a business goal. For this reason, you should define a set of values against which the metric is measured. 

Moreover, they should be:

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What is the difference between a Metric and a KPI?

Quelle est la différence entre KPI et métriques ?

Both are important and are quantifiable measurements of strategic or tactical activity though there are some differences.

KPIs are used to track the goals or objectives of the business. Moreover, they should have the features mentioned above such as be specific, time-related, measurable, relevant, and attainable.

Meanwhile, metrics are used to track the process or activities of the business. Furthermore, they don’t need to have all of the features mentioned above (except being measurable which is needed). 

Finally, it is important to mention that every KPI is a metric but every metric isn’t a KPI. The KPIs are the most relevant and important metrics for the company goals and their performance.

Metric and KPI examples

To make it clearer we are going to give examples. Metrics: 


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