How to maintain a quality list inside your email software

Comment maintenir une liste de qualité dans son infrastructure d'email

When you send emails, you want the recipients to open them, don’t you? For this purpose, you need to make sure you have a quality list. And because there is no good email strategy without a high-quality email list, you have to take the time to build a clean and effective list.

Essential rules

Establish regular contact with those who have chosen to be in your list. If you are erratic, it gives the impression that you come out of nowhere and above all it gives them all the time to forget about your company. Therefore, they could unsubscribe, throw away your email or put them in the spam list, which would prevent you from achieving your goals. Marketing automation can help you with that via softwares such as HubSpots or Constant Contact.

Email segmentation is at the core of your email strategy. It can allow you to get a good opening rate and the lowest possible churn rate by sending relevant content to the various recipients. There’s not one but many ways to segment your list. It depends on your industry and your goals. By knowing how your recipients behave, you are better able to segment your list to offer different content. Here, campaign reports play a key role.

Get rid of undelivered emails, when an email doesn’t reach its destination, it’s called a bounce. Either the email is invalid or there is a temporary technical problem. If these bounces are recurrent, they must be removed. Most of email softwares now allow you to blacklist them. If you don’t do so, you will end up being identified as a spam by internet providers and that will affect your results.

Once you get rid of those bounces, there’s a list of real contacts. Some of them, however, will be unengaged which means that they don’t read or open your emails. Working on campaigns aiming at re-engaging these contacts can be interesting and useful for your goals.

Honesty and respect are two important values when dealing with your email list. Buying an email list to increase your subscribers is illegal, dishonest and above all, it will not help you have a quality list that will impact positively your results and reputation. It is also important to give the recipient of the email the opportunity to unsubscribe. Do not make this option complicated, it’s not in your favour because when you can’t unsubscribe you don’t want to read the email or you will identify it as a spam.

Creating a good list requires time and expertise. Testing segmentations, testing different contents according to the chosen segmentation is a meticulous job and can be time-consuming. MailSoar can support you in this important step.

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