Social Prospecting: 5 advices before starting

Updated on July 29, 2021

L'importance des réseaux sociaux

Social media is now part of our daily life and has become one of the most important sales and marketing instruments for companies.  You can reach and convert new leads with appropriate and relevant social posts. 

With nearly 4.33 billion active users worldwide at the beginning of 2021, you can reach lots of potential customers. 

In this article, we will go through Social Prospecting and how to find, research and interact with prospective new customers with 5 reliable tips. 

What is Social Prospecting?

Social Prospecting is the practice of using social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or others to find, research and interact with potential new leads and customersListening to people, using mentions or keywords to interact with them and staying up to date with their needs and interests will make you engage prospects.

Therefore, the place to find new customers is pretty much any social media platform you can think of but the main one can be: 

The various social networks can provide some key information about your potential clients and give you the chance to reach them easily. You should match your social prospecting efforts with your marketing strategy, and so, being able to stay up to date about your target audience.  But you should bear in mind some advice before starting.

Select the right prospects

Obviously, the idea is not to take just any Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn account and send a message about your business. By doing so, you will be identified as a spammer. 

 The best method simply defines your ideal customer,  make a list of the prospects you are looking for, Who are they? What are they looking for?… . Once you have done your “buyer personas” you can start looking for them on the social media you have selected. You can look for the social media profiles of the prospects you already have too in order to find in their network potential clients. 

Do some research first

Prospecting on social networks is different from prospecting via phone calls for instance. You need to be careful when you write your message and it’s very important to get some information about your potential clients first. You may study your segment.

Listening to your potential customers on social media platforms gathering information about them, such as when they are more active and what kind of blog posts are their interest, so then, you would have more knowledge about their behavior. You should be ahead of their needs. If you understand their problem or how you could benefit them, it will be easier for you to exchange messages together. This preliminary work is very important and it requires time to do it properly.

social media email
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Write a customized pitch

Your message must be in line with the way your prospect uses social media. The research you have done beforehand will enable you to write the right pitch. It’s important to put yourself in the prospect’s shoes and identify their needs to show them that your company can help them improve their business. 

The message must be simple and you must make it personal. Like you really care about their business and want to have a professional relationship with them. You have to be careful to not sound like a robot because you would be considered a spammer. They could believe that it is the massive message that you send to other potential customers without investing before what the business is about. You may be extremely careful when you are designing it. A good practice is to make the other person feel like you are at the same tuning and understand how it is being in their shoes. 

Take an interest in the content they post

If your potential prospect has written an article on a blog or posted any activity on Linkedin through a hashtag, this is a good opportunity to start the conversation to show them you know who you are talking to. It is a useful method to start making contact with them step by step, and then,  maybe they turn into your prospects.

The point of knowing what they are talking about and also about which topics the person worries about, is a great trigger to start a conversation. Setting transactional emails could be useful after following the previous advice. You could do it with experts such as Flowmailer or Ongage.


Build a strong and reliable reputation on social media

 You can be sure that your potential prospects will want to know more about you and they will do some research. Your profile in Linkedin, Instagram or whatever social media that you are using is a presentation about your business or yourself. 

A complete and accurate profile in Linkedin, the most important professional network to communicate, is essential to have an outstanding presentation of yourself.  You should choose the right photo with a neutral background for your profile picture, write in the headline your job title, spotlight the product or service you offer and what you do. Moreover, as you could see in the photo it is vital to post entertaining and original information that will make your profile stand out and have more interactions.

Therefore, it is important that you yourself are active on social networks and that you communicate regularly and effectively on your company’s activity through posts, videos, hashtags…Also, interaction with your clients is very important. It inspires trust. To display the services that you provide is essential.

At Mailsoar we can help you get in touch with your potential clients through various social media outreach campaigns. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issues.

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