How to increase newsletter subscribers?

Comment augmenter son nombre d'abonnés à sa newsletter

Personal emails, professional emails, advertising… We all receive a lot of emails every day and for many of us, it is not always easy to manage this flow. This is why we may be reluctant to give our email to companies and accept to subscribe to their newsletter. It is therefore essential for a company to adopt the right strategy to get subscribers for its newsletter.

A few tips on how to do it

Give them a good reason to subscribe

Subscribing to a newsletter must be of interest to the person. If you offer them to subscribe to the newsletter to get news about your company this is not a sufficient and effective reason. They have to find a benefit and you have to give them that benefit. Offer them incentives in exchange.

Use social media to make them subscribe

We all know how important social networks are these days. They are extremely powerful communication tools. So why not use them to promote your company and to encourage Internet users to subscribe to your newsletter? Why don’t you try Facebook ads for instance? They will not specifically ask people to subscribe to the newsletter but they will show them content they could find in the newsletter. You can also post a link to your newsletter on social networks. 

Les réseaux sociaux pour sa newsletter

Embed a data capture form

A link to the company’s sign up page triggers multiple steps which decrease your chance of having more signups. It is therefore best to put the data capture form right on your page and to keep it short.

You have to focus on the content of the newsletter

A good newsletter is short quality content sent on a regular basis. Choose a specific day of the week and maintain that rhythm. A poor quality newsletter, which does not respond to the desires of the people you are targeting and which is not sent on a regular basis does not make you want to be interested in it and will therefore not help you get more subscribers out of it. 

Why don’t you try contests?

It’s the kind of thing that attracts attention and encourages newsletter signups. You don’t need to offer anything big, your products are enough. You can advertise your contest on social media too so that people can share it. 

If you want to use social networks to get more subscribers, Mailsoar can help you find the best strategy.

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