Email Deliverability

Délivrabilité des emails

Whether you are CEO, sales manager, trainer, or SaaS, getting the message to the inboxes of your clients is the key to success. The effectiveness of your email messaging or campaign is influenced by email deliverability, which refers to the ability to deliver emails to subscribers’ inboxes. The fact that senders have less control over inboxes than subscribers and inbox providers makes it difficult to improve deliverability without considering their interests.

According to statistics, Gmail blocks about 100 million emails per day from reaching the inboxes of the intended subscribers. To improve deliverability, you have to adopt new tactics to exploit emails and reach the target audience more effectively.

What Should You Monitor to Enhance Deliverability?

The most effective strategy to improve email deliverability is to anticipate threats before they affect delivery rate and engagement. But, this is easier said than done without effective tactics to enhance visibility. You need to incorporate the most essential monitoring metrics into your engagement assessment processes.

So, what are the most important monitoring metrics for email deliverability?

Inbox Placement Rate

The biggest challenge in reaching the audience is spamming. To ensure your emails do not end up in the spam folder, you have to be consistent in the volume of emails you send out. If you triple the number of emails suddenly, the spike can be misinterpreted as a spam attack and prompt the inbox provider to send your emails to the spam folder. Also, you have to focus on building your reputation since it plays a critical role in the delivery rate.

To succeed, you have to analyze extensive information on email service providers (ESPs) that you seek to send to. Insight into ESPs can reduce the number of emails marked as spam but spamming criteria changes from time to time. So, you need to use robust third-party analytical tool like Mail Soar to stay ahead always.

Taux de placement des emails en boite principale

Regional Email Service Providers

While monitoring major ESPs like Gmail and Hotmail is of utmost importance, your email messaging or email marketing campaign can benefit from if you also monitor regional ESPs. For starters, all your clients will not use only the large ESPs, some may use other regional ESPs. You may need to create one or two regional ESPs accounts to reach a wider spectrum of clients and assess if your emails will be enticing for them to open. Monitoring their algorithms using third-party tools such as Mail Soar is important to improve deliverability.

Spam Rates and Complaints

Spam rates and complaints are closely related since clients can act out their complaints by marking your email as spam and increase the rates. To maintain a healthy spam rate of less than 0.1%, you have to ensure your content is always fresh by reinventing your campaign strategies. For starters, your emails must be relevant to the client, moderate in frequency, and they can opt-out easily using a visible and functional ‘unsubscribe’ button. It is important to note that you should never prioritize either spam rate or complaints. If you have low complaints but spam rate increases over 0.1%, you have to manage and reduce it instead of relying on your low complaints to bounce back. For detailed analysis of your spam, we recommend that you use Mail Soar.


Whenever you overload your subscribers with the same content or you rely on purchased mailing lists constantly, you increase the chances of your IP being blacklisted. Spam and Open-Relay Blocking System (SORBS) and Spam Uniform Resource Identifier Real-time Block List (SURBL) are among the blacklists that pose the biggest threat to your email campaign. To anticipate any issues in your campaign, you can analyze smaller blacklists to surface hidden failures and change accordingly to avoid them.


Les désabonnement aux newsletter

The number of people who opt-out of your subscription is important metrics that surfaces the level of discontent in the audience with your content. This metric allows you to take a second look at your content to eliminate the issues turning the audience off. You also have to ensure that anyone who wishes to opt-out can unsubscribe easily. Requests to unsubscribe must be honored within 10 business days.

Tip: For you to monitor all these essential metrics more effectively, you need to exploit all the benefits offered by robust third-party tool, such as Mail Soar. From monitoring spam rates to data-driven decision-making, Mail Soar will help you improve email deliverability and also your overall email campaign from start to finish.

At Mail Soar, we specialize in tailored B2B & B2C online outreach campaigns. You can rely on our robust tools and solutions in each step of your email campaign to enhance deliverability.

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