How to contact decision makers on LinkedIn

Contacter les bonnes personnes sur LinkedIn

When you have a product or a service to sell, you need to reach the right persons in the companies you’re targeting, that is to say decision-makers. 

For a long time, meeting people at a professional event seemed to be the main way of making oneself known and of talking about one’s work. Nowadays, the increasing digitalization of social and professional relationships have had a huge impact on the way you’ve been interacting with potential clients.

Tips that might be useful

Companies are now on social networks and the Linkedin platform has become a quick and easy way to contact decision-makers.

However, for this linkage to be successful, it must not be botched. Here are some tips that might be useful to know before getting into it:

Identify the right persons: millions of people around the world are using Linkedin. In the company you’re targeting, many of them are probably on the platform but you need to get in touch with the one who can help you collaborate with the company. The first step is therefore to carry out targeted research to find the profile of the decision maker. Reading the profiles is therefore absolutely essential before getting in touch. With a premium account, it is possible to view detailed versions of all profiles.

Use Inmail: I don’t teach you anything if I tell you that decision makers are hard to reach. On Linkedin, they can often only be reached via Inmail. If you have a free Linkedin account, you can only message members you’re connected with. With a Premium account, you’ll be able to Inmail them and stack all the odds in your favour. According to LinkedIn, InMail is 2.6x more effective than emails alone.

Follow the key companies: Linkedin also allows you to follow the companies you are interested in. With this feature, you are kept informed of the evolution of their activity, new opportunities and new people in the team. That can be a good way to spot new decision makers.

Join Linkedin groups : Joining Linkedin groups can be a good way to get in touch informally with a decision maker. Discussing with them via these groups can be a “cool” first interaction. Groups also give you more details about companies.

Write a clear and simple message: When you decide to send a first message to a decision maker, be as concise as possible. They get tons of messages every day so just try at first to get in touch with a short message and briefly highlight how collaboration can be useful.

Complete your profile: A complete and accurate Linkedin profile is obviously essential to present yourself to a decision maker. Do not rush this step and try to highlight your career and your work through publications, recommendations and a consistent network. Make the decision maker want to connect!

Linked has become a great tool for reaching the right people. Using it wisely can be very useful. At MailSoar, we use it and will be happy to meet you there. At Mailsoar we can help you get in touch with the right persons through various social media outreach campaigns. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issues.

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